Augmented Reality

There is no better way to recreate an in-store customer experience online than Augmented Reality.

It enables shoppers using their smartphones or tablets to realistically visualize your products in their home with just a screen tap.

As customers evaluate your product for design and dimensions – trying different styles, angles and sizes - they become more confident about their decision making process which leads to:

  • Increased Sales Conversion
  • Reduced Product Returns
  • Longer Onsite Engagement
Immersive Augmented Reality

said the biggest drawback of online shopping is “not being able to touch, feel, and try a product”

the 2nd biggest obstacle was “lack of physical shopping experience.”

— Brizfeel

AR users are, on average, twice as likely to return to the site or app as are non-AR users.

They are also less likely — by 22% — to return items.

In addition, customers who have used AR are its highest lifetime value customers and have the highest average order value.

— Stores article, quoting an online retailer

Visualizing your products in Augmented Reality with just a screen tap.

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